Kiwiana Pataitai Language Game

Kiwiana Pataitai Language Game

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New Zealand theme board game created by a Young Enterprise High School student which teaches English, Te Reo, and NZ Sign Language as you play.  

The youngest player starts by getting a card and asking the question to the person on the left. It is highly encouraged to say the question in Te Reo Maori first, followed by English.  The person the question was asked to then gets one try to answer.  If they get it right they can move forward on space on the board, if they don't, they stay put.  If they don't answer in Sign language the person who asked the question can demonstrate the answer in NZSL.  This continues until someone gets 10 questions right and wins.  There are two levels of difficulty to suit a wide range of ages.

Contains : Round game board.

81 NZ themed Question Cards

6 Counters

Instructions sheet

 Eco friendly carry bag

Suitable for 8 years and up.