New Wave English Skills Practice Middle Teachers Guide

New Wave English Skills Practice Middle Teachers Guide

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The New Wave English Skills Practice workbooks are filled with a range of interesting questions and engaging illustrations that give students an opportunity to practise taught, year-level appropriate spelling, grammar, word study and punctuation skills. Each workbook includes 28 skill focus mini-lessons and targeted questions, which highlight some of the more challenging English skills that are included. A friendly witch character is featured throughout the New Wave English Skills Practice series to introduce these new skills, demonstrate concepts and provide important reminders.

Workbooks are available for Foundation to Year 6, with a comprehensive teachers guide available for lower (A and B), middle (C and D) and upper (E and F) workbooks.

Teachers guide features:

  • A suggested program for using the workbooks
  • Concept-specific, whole class and individual recording sheets
  • A full scope and sequence for each workbook, outlining the word- and sentence-level English skills that are covered each week
  • A detailed weekly overview of the skill focus, spelling/phonics, inflection, punctuation, word study and grammar skills for each workbook
  • Answers for each workbook
  • Four days of review questions covering the skill focuses covered over eight weeks for each workbook
  • A two-page skill assessment for each group of eight weeks
  • A comprehensive glossary of English skills that may be included throughout the series
  • Lined pages to record any notes or observations