School Zone - First Grade Basics - 6-7 Years

School Zone - First Grade Basics - 6-7 Years

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Take early learning to the next level. First grade is so exciting! Kids begin building on the basics and learning skills to last a lifetime. They expand reading abilities, practice telling time, and start adding and subtracting. Super Deluxe First Grade Basics uses dynamic, colorful strategies to make it fun. Based on first grade goals, each worksheet emphasizes an essential skill while encouraging reasoning and problem solving. Telling time, counting money, and recognizing fractions are some ?every day from now on? tasks featured. The pictures add an extra dimension to critical thinking by allowing kids to make assumptions and draw conclusions about what is happening. Engaging illustrations, clear instructions, and a variety of content keep them motivated. Before you know it, today?s lessons become tomorrow?s skills.

Fun Features & Big Benefits

90 pages of learning activities

Tear-out pages for easy individual worksheets

Parent Guide on inside front cover

Activities to Share inside back cover

Easy-reference Answer Key

Completion Award Certificate